Friday, 25 July 2014

The Two Million Duck March

Jack Saranthat filmed this impressive footage of thousands of ducks blocking a rural road in Bang Len district, Nakhon Pathom Province, central Thailand. It's the ducks' routine going out with the owner searching for food in the paddy fields.

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Goat Towers: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

image credit: Potjie

A set of towers, spread across the globe, have given goats the opportunity to make good on their evolutionary heritage and farmers a chance to leave an unforgettable impression on visitors. While we might be used to seeing goats grazing on a mostly two-dimensional pasture, the animals are not strangers to heights.

5 Spikiest Animals On Earth

image credit: Arthur Chapman

Spikes, spikes spikes... Here are some animals I bet you did not realise were equipped with such deadly weapons?

Naughty Nuns, Flatulent Monks, And Other Surprises Of Sacred Medieval Manuscripts

image credit Britsh Library

Flipping through an illustrated manuscript from the 13th century, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jesus loved a good fart joke. Though we may still get a kick out of poop jokes, we aren't used to seeing them visualized in such lurid detail, and certainly not in holy books.

But in medieval Europe, before books were mass-produced and reading became a pastime for plebes, these lavish manuscripts were all the rage - if you could afford them. The educated elite hired artisans to craft these exquisitely detailed religious texts surrounded by all manner of illustrated commentary, known today as marginalia.

The Oystercatcher Catcher

This delightful animated story reveals that Pecker is no ordinary fedora-wearing private-eye.

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The Inventor Of The High Five

image credit: Melanie Holtsman

The high five is ubiquitous. It's a gesture that permeates every social environment - the workplace, the bar, the middle school kickball field - and it seems to be appropriate in almost any situation.

Your friend got married? High five. You chugged an entire liter of IPA? High five. Since its inception, the hand-slapping maneuver has taken on multiple iterations and has never fallen out of style. But tracing the origins of the high five reveals a riveting, heroic, dark story that seems to be everything the joyous gesture is not.

10 Recent Archaeological Finds That Shed Light On Our Past

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Archaeological discoveries are constantly made, either on purpose or by accident. Some of these might be minor, yet others can reveal secrets about past civilizations and their way of life. And sometimes well just find a bunch of old poo and wine.'

Here are 10 recent archaeological finds that shed light on our past.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Take A Look Over The Watchmakers' Shoulders

Plenty of tradition and handcraft combined with high-tech. That is Nomos Glashütte from Germany. Known for its watch models like Tangente, Orion and Zürich. This short film gives you a first impression of what they do at Nomos Glashütte.

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The Monastery Of Wadi Qelt

image credit: Michael Panse

Wadi Qelt is a rocky canyon located in the Judaean Desert in the West Bank, originating near Jerusalem and terminating near Jericho, near the Dead Sea. In this isolated and barren valley, a 4th-century monastery clings precariously to the rock walls.

Originally built around a cave, the monastery grew in the 5th century under Greek Orthodox when its most famous monk and namesake Gorgias of Koziba inhabited the place. The monastery was named St. George after the most famous monk who lived at the site - Gorgias of Koziba.

The Girl Without A Ring Finger

Josef Lee is a designer, illustrator, animator and writer from Singapore. He writes short stories called 'Bedtime Stories for Adults' (although kids are welcomed to read them too).

Take a look into the wonderful world of one of those short stories.
This one is called 'The Girl Without A Ring Finger.'

Josef Lee's webpage.

Terrifying Swarm Of Flies Shows Up On Weather Radar

image credit National Weather Service

Once a year, the bugs emerge - millions of them. Every summer, they swarm en masse around the banks of the Mississippi River. It's mating season for mayflies. There are so many of them, in fact, that they can show up on weather radar.

This radar picture from the evening of July 20 shows clouds of mayflies leaving the Upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin and taking to the air to breed.

Theremin: How Science Fiction Got Its Sound

Bill Hammack (the engineer guy) discusses the theremin, and how it lead to one of the music industry's most fundamental assets, the electronic synthesizer.

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Godzilla Gets Legless In Tokyo

image credit: Héctor García

Something monstrous is stirring in the heart of Tokyo. Godzilla! However, you don't have to worry too much about the future of this great Asian metropolis.

Even if this very cool twenty five foot replica of the movie monster were to spring to life, he wouldn't get very far. Someone forgot to give him legs.

The Micronation Of Ladonia In Sweden

image credit: Håkan Dahlström

Lars Vilks is a Swedish artist who taught himself how to paint and sculpt. In a grand artistic maneuver in 1980, he sculpted a giant, tower-like sculpture made of 75 tons of driftwood, which he called Nimis. As a companion, about a decade later he also built Arx, a sculpture made of stone.

When local authorities finally found it, they ordered it to be removed, as it imposed upon the nature reserve. After a lengthy court battle, Vilks did what any rational person would do in protest.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chinese Video Mocking Kim Jong Un

A Chinese video mocking Kim Jong Un has sparked a protest from North Korea. The video shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting. North Korea asked Chins to stop the video from spreading but Beijng was unable to oblige.

Other world leaders also make appearances, including President Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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People In Their 90s Are Living Longer

Who would have guessed that?

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Watch Lightning Strike In Real Time

Lightning is a powerful sudden flow of electricity accompanied by thunder that occurs during an electric storm. On Earth, the lightning frequency is approximately 40–50 times a second or nearly 1.4 billion flashes per year. On you can see lightning strike in real time. Each lightning strike is marked with a white expanding circle.

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World Records From The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations, an organisation of 53 member states that were mostly territories of the former British Empire.

Apart from many Olympic sports, the games also include some sports that are played mainly in Commonwealth countries, such as lawn bowls, and netball. Here's an infographic with world records and global statistics from the Commonwealth Games over the decades.

How To Cool A Warm Drink In 2 Minutes

Chill your drink quickly. Works great with Coke, soda, beer, cans and bottles. Perfect for the summer when you need to cool a room temperature drink really quickly. All you need is a bowl, ice, water and salt.

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12 Old Words That Survived By Getting Fossilized In Idioms

image credit

English has changed a lot in the last several hundred years, and there are many words once used that we would no longer recognize today. For whatever reason, words were pronounced differently, or they became obsolete.

There are some old words, however, that are nearly obsolete, but we still recognize them because they were lucky enough to get stuck in set phrases that have lasted across the centuries. Here are 12 lucky words that survived by getting fossilized in idioms.

The World's Weirdest Plants

image credit

The Starfish Flower (Stapelia variegata) from Africa looks like a brown and yellow starfish nesting in the sand. It also smells like a dead animal, as a result of which flies, thinking it's a lump of rotten meat, decide it is the perfect place to raise a family. As they lay their eggs on the surface, they inadvertently pollinate the flower at the same time.

Here is a list of the ten most peculiar plants and trees in the world.